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M-STRETCH planter pot

M-STRETCH planter pot


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  • The M-Stretch Modular Planter Wall delivers greater plant density within an interior space. Interior plants have been recognised to improve air quality and reduce volatile organic compounds, which can cause headaches, loss of concentration, dry eyes and nausea in both small and large commercial spaces. Plants can be easily replaced and moved within display as they are planted into 3 standard 200mm grow pots per/module. M-Stretch modules are easily assembled with a simplified bracketing system. This vertical garden does not require costly pre-installation waterproofing or draining. With a built in reservoir and “Self Watering System” living plants can be sustained for up to 6 weeks between maintenance. With a wide selection of neutral and bright colours available, combinations of these colours can be used to coordinate a garden wall with its intended surroundings. Australian designed and manufactured from 100% recyclable polyethylene, this material is UV stabilised and impact resistant

  • Dimensions
    Width 980mm | Height 700mm | Depth 290mm